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What is the cost to participate?
There is no cost. Students can participate in the Innovation League, free of charge.

What activities will the students participate in?
Students will participate in weekly practices, as well as innovation competitions. Students will be monitored by Community Innovation Coaches and volunteers that will coordinate team activities.

Can my student sign up for a specific team?
No, the students team must participate on the team selected based on their address.

Does my child need to know how to code?
No. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge to join a team. Innovation Coaches and mentors will work with students to help them learn new skills and concepts to prepare them for competitions.


Launching in Fall 2021, the CbK Innovation League will be open to 100 students citywide. Similar to a traditional sports season, students will attend weekly practices and events, competing with other teams across the city. Students will be assigned Community Innovation Coaches and tech mentors to help them gain knowledge and navigate innovation challenges. At the end of the season, the teams with the highest rankings will compete in the Innovation Bowl -- the league’s culminating championship event -- for awards and prizes.

The Innovation League is free of charge and open to students between the ages of 12-18 living in Philadelphia. Interested students must be registered by an adult through an online form on the website. Once registered and enrolled, students will be assigned to a team within their community. Placement on a team will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Premier League for Young Innovators

This year, Coded by Kids is launching its Innovation League -- a league for entrepreneurial and creative Philadelphia youth between the ages of 12-18, looking to participate in innovation competitions that build their technology and leadership skills.

The future belongs to innovators.

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How to Participate

Registration for the Innovation League opens in JUNE 2021. Leave your email address below if you would like to be alerted when registration opens.

When does the season begin and end?
Registration for the Innovation League will open in June 2021. The first activities for the league will begin in Fall 2021. We are still finalizing the competition schedule and anticipate the final event, the Innovation Bowl, will occur in Winter 2022. More information will be available on the website as we confirm team locations and practice times.

What is the time commitment for students?
Students will be asked to participate in practice sessions for 1-2 hours per week. In addition to practices, students will participate in competitions with their teammates on a bi-weekly basis. More information will be provided once the competition schedule is confirmed.

What precautions will be taken for students during the COVID-19 pandemic?
CBK will monitor and follow CDC guidance for events during the pandemic. We are currently planning for virtual activities in Fall 2021 but will consider in-person activities if it is deemed safe to do so. If there are in-person activities, we will do our best to accommodate virtual participation for those who do not feel comfortable attending in person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)