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Learn how to bring your ideas to life with coding.

Read about Reda, a student that has received CBK instruction and participated in our recent Ctrl+Shift competition. He finished in first place, taking home a $5,000 cash prize. 

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CBK Classroom programs make web development fun for students, using project-based learning to help them build skills and prepare for career opportunities. Students work with our instructors to learn core tech concepts and build projects that showcase their learning. CBK Classroom programs are available at three skill levels:

CBK Discover (Intro): CBK Discover is an intro-level course aimed to generate interest and understanding of basic coding and technology concepts.

CBK Explore (Beginner): CBK Explore is an intro level course that exposes students to coding and technology, helping them develop beginner-level software engineering and web development skills. 

CBK Launch (Intermediate): This intermediate-level course builds on the web development and software engineering skills from CbK Explore.

CBK Accelerate (Advanced): This advanced-level skills course gives students access to professional opportunities, mentors, and potential internships.

CBK Classroom

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How to Participate

Our curriculum is built to help students learn tech skills that they can apply them to a problem or topic that they are interested in. Students receive regular feedback from instructors through in-person sessions and work with their peers in a collaborative environment.

Registration for CbK Classroom is CLOSED and will reopen for summer programs. Spots for the program are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please complete the registration form below.

When Coded by Kids announced its 4th annual Ctrl+Shift coding competition, Reda Elmountassir jumped at the chance to participate. The 14-year-old student took the knowledge he learned and turned into an amazing art website that earned him a $5,000 prize.

Read more about Reda

Will classes be in-person or virtual?
 We are having in-person classes, but are prepared to transition to virtual if needed (based on the state of the pandemic).  Any unvaccinated students that enrolls in our classes will only be permitted to attend virtually.

How will you adhere to COVID-19 protocols?
Only vaccinated individuals are eligible to attend classes in-person. Masks will be required to be worn indoors at all times. If any individual is showing signs of COVID symptoms, they will be required to attend class virtually. Students will be socially distanced in the classroom, as well as the instructor. All surfaces will be wiped down before classes begin and after classes end.

What about students younger than 13?
 We are in the process of redesigning some of our programming aimed at younger students. They will have a chance to participate in our programs once we release the updated version of our classes.

How long are the classes and the course?
The course is a combination of self-paced coursework and live learning. The entire course adds up to about 32 hours. The live classes will be twice a week for 1.5 hours over the span of 12 weeks.

What is the process for enrolling?
After registering, if your student is eligible to enroll, you will receive an email inviting you to enroll your student in either the 4:30pm class or the 6:00pm class.

Is there a cost for enrollment?
No. CBK Classroom is free for all participants.

CBK Classroom

CBK Discover

  • Dates: Registration is currently closed. Check back for summer dates!

  • Age Group: 13-18 years old

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