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Project-Based Curriculum

Comprehensive Curriculum

With no fixed schedule, students set their own pace and are able to fit in other school and personal obligations.

Flexible Learning Environment

Read about Reda, a student that has received CbK instruction and participated in our recent CTRL+SHIFT competition. He finished in first place, taking home a $5,000 cash prize. 

See what students learn with CbK Academy

CbK Academy Online offers a high-quality tech education built on our core belief that tech should be made accessible for all students, regardless of skill level. Because of that core belief, and thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are currently able to offer CbK Academy free-of-charge to enrolled students.

Through a combination of live and self–paced learning, students will work with instructors to learn technical skills. With CbK Academy Online, students receive regular feedback from instructors through livestream sessions. Students also build relationships with their peers and instructors through a personal, private messaging system.

Personalized Support from Instructors

FREE High Quality Tech Instruction!

CBK Academy Academy Online is more than just another coding class. It gives students between the ages 13 and 24 the opportunity to learn the technical skills necessary to build websites. Students will learn how to use HTML and CSS, as well as other industry-relevant concepts, such as: problem identification, the development pipeline, user interface design, and user experience design.

Level up your tech skills with CbK Academy

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How to Participate

The entire course is 9 weeks. Students participate in 1-3 hours of  instruction, along with self-paced work.

Our curriculum is built to help students learn industry-relevant skills. You can use the tech skills that you learn and apply them to a problem of topic that you are interested in. 

Registration for CbK Academy is NOW CLOSED

Please check back soon for updates on the next course. You can also email us at programs@codedbykids.com if you have any questions. If you are interested in being notified when enrollment opens, please fill out the form below.

When Coded by Kids announced its 4th annual Ctrl+Shift coding competition earlier this year, Reda Elmountassir jumped at the chance to participate.The 14-year-old student took the knowledge he learned in CbK Academy and turned into an amazing art website that earned him a $5,000 prize.

Read more about RedaView Project Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What about students younger than 13?
The students need access to external systems that require them to be the minimum age of 13. We are actively working on a solution to provide high-quality tech education access to students below the age of 13.

How long are the classes and the course?
The course is a combination of self-paced coursework and live learning. The entire course is 9 weeks. Students spend 6-8 hours each week completing self-paced coursework and participate in 1-3 hours of live instruction.

What is the process for enrolling?
Sign up for the CbK Academy Online newsletter to be notified when the next class’ registration opens.

Is there a cost for enrollment?
No. Currently, CbK Academy Online is free.